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    Hartselle High’s Kindness Week

    By: Kaliga Rice


     It is important for teenagers to be aware of the effect that a simple and random act of kindness can impose. Because of this, Hartselle High School is dedicating a week to the act of kindness. Hartselle High’s Kindness Week will be observed on March 12-16. Students and teachers will be celebrating Kindness Week by dressing up in specific clothing and costumes throughout the week.


        The costumes that students and teachers will be wearing on the specific days of the week will correlate with the dress up day for that day of the week. The dress up days for Kindness Week are listed below.


    • Monday, March 12- Picture Yourself Serving Day. On this day, students are supposed to wear a club or organizational shirt. Also, students are encouraged to take pictures of themselves or other people serving the community and share these pictures via social media.


    • Tuesday, March 13- Don't Sleep On Service Day. This day calls for students to do one of their favorite things: wear their pajamas to school!


    • Wednesday, March 14- Service is my Superpower Day. Students will dress up as their favorite superheroes. This day calls for students to be kind to everyone they see, showing that kindness is their superpower.


    • Thursday, March 15- Score 4 Service Day. Students will wear sports jerseys and “score points” by being kind.


    • Friday, March 16- Brighten Someone's Day. Neon colors will be worn by students, and they will make someone's day brighter by expressing kindness.


        Kindness Week is a great thing for students and faculty at Hartselle High School (or any high school) to celebrate. The event will be sure to highlight how important it is for people to be kind to each other and demonstrate what simple and random acts of kindness can do. However, students do not have to wait until Kindness Week to practice kindness and compassion. There is no set day or week for a person to be kind; people can be kind everyday. Hartselle High’s Kindness Week is an amazing opportunity for students to learn that they can always be kind to others, whether they express kindness by picking up a person's books if that person has dropped them, or simply throwing a smile someone's way.



    Spring Break 2018

    By: Whitney Carlock

    This spring break, teens like to go out and do fun things with their friends. The only issue is, they do not know what they want to do. The most popular things are just hanging out together, watching movies or going to the beach. With the strange Alabama weather, you cannot go a week without
    rain. One day it is beautiful, bright, and sunny, the next day is gloomy, sad, and rainy with high chances of tornadoes and bad storms. Taking time to go tothe beach with family and friends is a great thing to do. There are also many beaches to go to, it does not always have to be the same one.

    • Rosemary

    • Panama City

    • Destin

    • Orange

    Many teens in hartselle like to hang out at Sparkman Park. They enjoy sitting in hammocks in the many trees, there is most likely some baseball or softball game being played, and there are walking trails to just take a refreshing walk.

    • Saraland and Helena - Fri. March 16 - Auburn Old HS Field, Auburn
      Jr. High.

    • Opelika and Smith Station - Sat. March 17 - At Opelika and Smith

    • Oxford, Oak Mountain, and White Plains - Tues. March 20 - At
      Signature Field and Oxford

    • Phoenix City (2) and Gadsden City - Wed. March 21 - At Signature
      Field and Oxford

    • Loretta, TN - Thurs. March 22 - At Hartselle

    • Thompson - Fri. March 23 - At Thompson

    • Hayden and Russellville - Sat. March 24 - At Russellville

    Although there are not any amusement parks near Hartselle, there are others such as Six Flags Over Georgia, Southern Adventure in Huntsville, and other parks all around. Six Flags has recently opened for their 2018 season with new rides and attractions.

    A few last activities are going roller skating at Skate Castle, ice skating at Point Mallard, going to a mall, watching a movie, or just having fun with friends at your house. Have great spring break and be safe.

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