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    Final Exam Preparation

    By: Kaliga Rice


        The end of the 2017-2018 school year is drawing nearer, and because of this, students’ anticipation and excitement for summer vacation seems to be growing more with each passing day. However, the end of the year is accompanied by something that many students at Hartselle High are not particularly fond of--final exams.


        Final exams have different effects on different people; some people may pass their exams with flying colors, and other people may make a lower score. Some people may find taking exams to be easy, while others may find it more difficult. Regardless of how students feel about final exams and how final exams affect different students, there is one thing that every person should do in order to make the best grade possible on exams: prepare. Below are five preparation tips for students who will be required to take final exams.


    • Do not procrastinate. If there is one tip that you need to remember when final exams are concerned, it is this one. Procrastination has never helped anyone, and it will not help you with your final exams. Begin to study for your exams way before it is time for you to take them. Of course, studying 24 hours a day is not necessary, but taking 30 minutes out of your day to review your exam material will greatly benefit you when you take exams. Procrastination will only make you regret not studying effectively for your exams.

    • Form a study group with your friends. At times, studying by yourself can be a tedious task. Several people do not want to study for final exams when they could be doing something that they actually enjoy. Forming a study group with friends may alleviate some of the boredom you feel when studying for exams, as you will be studying while also spending time with your friends, which is something that many people enjoy. Also, studying with friends will give you the chance to thoroughly explain the topics that will be on your exam to other people, which is known as a great study tactic.

    • Take breaks regularly. Though it may seem like it, it is not a good idea to study for exams at a constant and excessive rate. After studying for a good 30 minutes, give your brain a moment to rest by taking a 5-10 minute break. Taking a break will help your mind better comprehend the material you have studied and ensure that you are more prepared for your final exams.

    • Complete your exam reviews. A review for an exam is a gift. Reviews may not always be given to you, so when they are, take full advantage of them! Completing your reviews will allow you to refresh your mind and review certain things that you may have forgotten since you last learned them. Reviews give you some insight as to what will be on your final exam, so completing them and studying them before your final exams is definitely a good idea.

    • Get a good night’s sleep. Before taking your final exams, it is beneficial for you to receive an appropriate amount of rest. Do not  stay up all night studying, watching Netflix, or scrolling through Instagram. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour, and you will be amazed at how a few extra hours of sleep can improve the way you feel and your performance on your final exams.


        If you are a student at Hartselle High and have to take final exams, try out these exam preparation tips, and see how they impact your exam performance. In case you need the dates for final exams, Hartselle High’s exam schedule will be listed below. Good luck!


    • 5/7-18 - AP Exams

      • 5/7-    AP Chemistry

      • 5/8 -   AP Physics

      • 5/9 -   AP English Literature

      • 5/10 - AP Government

             AP Environmental


    • 5/11 - AP US History

                         AP Computer Science

      • 5/14 - AP Biology

                         AP Music Theory

      • 5/15 - AP Calculus

      • 5/16 - AP English Language

      • 5/17 - AP World History

                                     AP Statistics

      • 5/18 - AP Human Geography


    • 5/14-18 - Senior Exams

      • 5/14 - 0 Period

      • 5/15 - 0 and 7th Period

      • 5/16 - 1st and 6th Period

      • 5/17 - 2nd and 4th Period

      • 5/18 - 3rd and 5th Period


    • 5/21-24 - Underclassmen Exams

      • 5/21 - 0 and 7th Period

      • 5/22 - 1st and 3rd Period

      • 5/23 - 2nd and 4th Period

      • 5/24 - 5th and 6th Period







    Relieving Stress at the End of the School Year

    By: Whitney Carlock

    The end of the 2017-2018 school year is quickly moving closer. Students are all very excited to begin summer, but many students at HHS are having to face a major challenge at the end of the year. If the students missed more than one day of school and had a C in their classes, missed more than three days of school and had a B in their classes, or if the students missed more than five days of school and had an A in their classes, they will have to take the exams in their classes. Although they work very hard or missed a week or more of school due to the flu, they may still have an A, but because of the school exemption policy, the students that do not qualify for the exemptions, must take the exams. These tests can be stressful. Although the teachers have already covered everything that is going to be on the exam, the tests still account for 20% of the student’s average for the semester. If the students are exempt from the exams, meaning they do not have to take them, it may not be as stressful. It may not be as bad as taking big tests, but the teachers are trying to get in all of their work for the rest of the year which ends up overloading the students with homework. Here are some things most high schoolers do to help reduce the stress:

    1. Take a break from working - Studying for these tests and doing multiple pages of homework for each class could really be exhausting. So after studying or working for a while, take a break. A break could be either stopping for a snack, a nap, or even just sitting in silence.

    2. Take a nap - Who does not like a good nap? When working for a while, your eyes and mind get tired, a quick nap should help recharge.

    3. Take a bath or shower - Towards the end of the day, when your work is done and you are stressed to the end, take a bath or shower to relax and get rid of some of your stress.

    4. Lastly, EAT! - Go get a snack. Everyone loves to eat food here and there, but when you are about to blow up because you have so much work, grab food and all will be well with the world.


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