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  • Top 5 Things You’ll Miss If You Don’t Go to Hartselle Depot Days:


    The Hartselle Depot Days is one of the first fall festivals to kick off the season that brings cooler weather, beautiful leaves, and football. For the past 36 years, Hartselle Depot Days has celebrated the town’s railroad heritage in the historic downtown area, and this year’s event should be a ton of fun. Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t go:


    1. Vendors. Every year lots and lots of unique vendors line the streets selling their wares. Many visitors love the natural candles the Mennonites make, the ladies love the boutique booths that sell the latest trends, and everyone loves the arts and crafts made by locals.

    2. Car & Tractor Show. The men love to peruse the old cars and tractors that remind us of days gone by. These cars bring back memories and stories that are passed down to the next generation.

    3. Kids Activities. Kids love playing the variety of games and bouncing in the inflatables that will keep them busy for hours.

    4. Music. This year The Mighty Electric St. Jude Band sponsored by Decatur Morgan Hospital, Maury Lane, and The Dozens will perform. You don’t want to miss the toe-tapping tunes from these entertaining bands.

    5. Seeing Friends. One thing people said they loved about Depot Days is running into and catching up with old friends. And when almost 19,000 people show up for an event, you’re bound to run into some familiar faces.


    With these great reasons, why would you want to miss Hartselle Depot Days? This annual event will be Saturday, September 16 from 8am-4pm. Oh, and the best part? It’s FREE!



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    Melea Hames

    Social Media Manager

    Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association


  • Hartselle High School Contributors:

    Hartselle High and the PSAT

    By: Kaliga Rice


       The PSAT, Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, will be given at Hartselle High School on Wednesday, October 25. The PSAT is a standardized test that is sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. It is beneficial for students who are planning to take the SAT and who are trying to earn scholarship money. Because of the benefits of the PSAT, numerous ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders at Hartselle High have signed up to take the PSAT.


        Similar to any other standardized test, the PSAT can be a challenging assessment, so down below are a few tips for any students who are planning to take the PSAT this October.


    • Practice for the PSAT. Practicing for the PSAT is the easiest way to increase the chances of having a higher score on the test. There are many PSAT practice tests online, and, if you are a student at Hartselle High, you were given several resources in order to practice your PSAT test taking skills, including an actual practice test inside of the PSAT booklet you received. Practicing for the PSAT has the ability to improve the score of the test taker because he/she becomes aware of the type of questions that will be on the actual test, but a practice test can also familiarize the student with the layout of the test. Knowing the layout of the PSAT is also an advantage of taking a practice test because you will be prepared for the setup of the test, and there will be no surprises.

    • Have a broad outlook when taking the test. The PSAT tests you on three subjects: Reading, Writing, and Math. Though it is important to pay attention to detail on the Reading and Writing portions of the test, it is beneficial to have a broader outlook before beginning to pay attention to detail. For example, if you are reading a passage on the Reading portion of the test, scan over the passage and get the general idea of it, then see if you can answer any questions from what you have scanned over. After you have answered all of the questions you can from what you have scanned over, go back to the passage and look at the details that are needed to answer more questions.

    • Answer every question even if you aren't sure of the answer. There is a great chance that multiple students have heard this sentence before and are probably pretty tired of hearing it. Nonetheless, it is a very advantageous tip. The PSAT does not penalize you for incorrect answers, so you might as well make an educated guess for the questions you do not know in hopes of getting them correct and earning points. Do not leave any question blank.

    • Pace yourself. A crucial factor for any standardized test is time. It can be helpful to take your time on the questions, but it can also be helpful to go through the test at a good pace so that the time for you to complete the test doesn’t run out while you are still answering questions. However, taking your time on all of the questions and going through the test at a relatively fast pace can be a difficult thing to do for particular people. Some students may not be very fast test takers, so finishing certain sections could be harder for them than others. Though it can be tricky to read the question carefully and move at a quick pace, try your hardest to find a speed in which you can clearly understand and answer questions and at which you can move on to the next question quickly. Do not spend a large amount of time on any one question, but do not try to move through the test at an excessively fast pace.


        The PSAT is a challenging test, but with these tips and their effort and determination, some Hartselle High students are sure to qualify for scholarship money. Good luck to all Hartselle High students who are taking the PSAT!



    Keeping a Good Mind, Mood, and Attitude

    By: Whitney Carlock

        Fall is approaching, holidays are coming, sports are beginning and ending, there are more tests and challenges in school, and moods are changing. During this time of year, students start changing their minds, moods, and attitudes. Staying grateful is a major aspect with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. Many things happen to celebrate those two big holidays, you decorate, cook and bake, meet with family, and do many other activities as well, but the most important thing is how you present yourself. Families do a lot of hard work to make sure you get and have what you need, so be grateful for what you have. You may not get the perfect grade on your semester exams, or be the football champions, or get the newest and greatest gaming system, but that does not mean you get to disrespect your family and friends. So remember this wonderful holiday season, to watch your mind for those mean thoughts. That includes being mad at or planning revenge on your sister for something she did or being rude to your parents by not doing chores. Also, check your mood, are you happy or are you mad, are you grateful or are you jealous. Lastly, check your attitude, keep it kind, caring, and loving, not mad, upset, and angry.



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