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    History. Heritage. Roots. These are the words used to describe the Burleson Center, formerly known as the Hartselle Fine Arts Center.


    There’s a lot of history in this building that was built 101 years ago as an elementary school. The elementary school relocated to a new facility in 2001, but the community members worked tirelessly to preserve the community’s history by restoring and repurposing the beautiful, old building known as the “Grand Old Lady.” And grand she is. With large white columns that greet guests to the original hardwood floors, the Burleson Center is the perfect place to promote the arts.


    The Burleson Center is a hub for the arts in Hartselle, hosting Camp ARTselle each summer for the past 15+ years. “Hartselle is a big sports town, but not all kids play sports so this is good for kids to display and practice their artistic talents,” said Hartselle Mayor and Burleson Center board member Randy Garrison. Camp ARTselle provides kids of all ages to learn, participate in, and showcase their talents in art, drama, dance, and music. Long-time volunteer Betty Gottler said Hartselle grandparents have kids from all over Alabama to come and stay the week with them to participate in the annual arts camp. So Camp ARTselle’s reach is even beyond Hartselle. This year’s theme for Camp ARTselle is Totally 80s and will be June 19-22.


    Another way the Burleson Center supports the arts is by allowing local artists to display their artwork for sale in the halls of the center. There are lovely paintings hanging currently, and they change up periodically.


    The Burleson is also a venue for parties, weddings, receptions, reunions, and other gatherings. Garrison said the history of the building lends itself to those types of events because of the intimacy of the auditorium and the heritage of the building. Garrison’s kids were fourth generation students of the old Burleson Elementary School, and he says that heritage is what draws people to the Center and what drives board members and the community to preserve the Center. “You have to build on the past to have a strong future,” says Garrison of the meaning the Burleson Center has in the community of Hartselle.


    The roots of the Hartselle community are strong, and the board strives to preserve the history and heritage of this important building.


    For more information on Camp ARTselle and Wee Sing, contact the Burleson Center soon as spots fill up quickly. www.hartsellefineartscenter.org (256) 773-4046.


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    Ways to Make Sure Your Mind Stays Sharp over the Summer

    By: Kaliga Rice


        The 2016-2017 school year officially concluded on May 25, 2017, and the majority of students were absolutely delighted that it had come to a resolution and that Summer had made its appearance once again. Summer break is very necessary because it encourages students to stray away from their studies a bit and give their minds a moment to become refreshed and enlivened.


        However, even though it is important to give your mind a rest between school years, it could also be beneficial for students to prepare for the upcoming school year and attempt to keep their minds sharp over the Summer. No, pupils wouldn't have to study school work every day, and the work that students could do would not have to match the complexity of rocket science.


       Attempting to keep your mind sharp is a great tactic when it comes to being certain that you are ready for the new school year. Here are three things students can do in order to keep their minds fresh during the Summer.


    • < >. Reading is something several people do not enjoy. Who needs books when you have smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptops? Although reading may not be the most popular pastime for the majority of people, it is actually very helpful in keeping your mind sharp over Summer break. In numerous ways, reading is extremely beneficial to students and offers many advantageous pros, which include the following: the strengthening of vocabulary, a stronger memory, and the preservation of the brain’s youth. Reading also gives you the ability to establish a connection with the characters in the book. This can help you in school because putting yourself in a character’s shoes is often required in English and History classes, as sometimes you are asked to analyze how a character felt when a certain event occurred, or what you would do if you experienced a situation that a character endured. Overall, reading is a perfect way to make sure your mind stays sharp over the Summer, and it can be easily done whenever you find the time. Lying by the poolside with nothing to do? Read. Bored at home? Read. It's as simple as that.

      Puzzles. Puzzles are significant when trying to keep your mind sharp over the Summer because, like reading, they present many valuable advantages. Among these advantages are a better memory, the development of critical thinking skills, and an increase in creativity, which are all useful during school. Jigsaw puzzles, sudokus, brain-teasers, and riddles all incorporate important benefits for students, and they are also fun things to participate in when you have spare time. Puzzles are known to relieve stress as well, which is something that many teens can experience during high school. If you feel like you are not in a “reading mood,” you can still attempt to enhance your mind during Summer break by working on a puzzle.

    • Review work from the previous school years. Classes for upcoming school years usually incorporate topics that have been learned by students the past few years. For example, Sophomores taking Algebra II might come across things they have learned in Algebra I. Since some students may not have practiced any Algebra during the Summer, they may have a difficult time retaining some of what they have learned in Algebra I. However, if you skim through a few pages of your math homework, you may have a simpler time learning the new material in Algebra II due to reviewing the older material from Algebra I and refreshing your memory. The same goes with the other three core subjects. Reviewing what was previously learned is a great way to keep your mind sharp over the Summer because it makes it easier for you to comprehend new material.


        Although it may not be the most enjoyable way to spend your Summer, following the three tips above will prepare you for the next school year. Let’s face the facts, we all have to go to school, so why not try to make it easier on yourself! The choice is yours. Nevertheless, school is out, and Summer is in session, so relax, have fun, be safe, and have a great Summer!




    Summer Ideas For Teens Or Families

    By: Whitney Carlock

                    At the beginning of the summer, kids, teens, and families are busy with vacations and things to do, but towards the end, the do not have as much to do.  Kids become bored because they do not have many new activities and the pools get kind of boring, so here are a few suggestions of things and places to visit:

    • Go shopping-There are many places around Hartselle, Decatur, and Huntsville that you can shop and eat, or even meet up with friends and family.

    • Visit a waterpark-Point Mallard is in Decatur. It has multiple different things to do. The Hartselle Aquatic center is in Hartselle with the main park and the free SNAP splash pad for little kids next to it.

    • Find a place with many different activities-Insanity Park in Madison has different things to do for all ages-roller skating, wall climbing, putt putt golf, and more.

    • Visit a zoo-You could go to a zoo, like the one in Birmingham, or you could go to a drive through zoo. In Huntsville there is one called Harmony Park Safari.

    Hopefully this gave you some ideas of things to do this summer. Remember to have fun and be safe.

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