• Chamber Committees

  • Chamber Board of Directors

    12 Chamber members elected by the membership lead the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce. The board make decisions for the Chamber regarding policy, establishes an annual budget and program of work, elects the officers of the Chamber and hires the Executive Director. 

    Fellow Board members vote the 3 officer positions each April following board election. The officers of the Chamber have specific responsibilities, but are no more powerful or responsible than any other board member. The officers collectively form the Executive Committee, which coordinates the board agenda and the work of the committees and establishes interim policy for the Chamber between meetings of the board. The officers of the Chamber include the Past-Chairman, Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

    Ambassador Committee

    The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to enhance the visibility of and promote general membership in the Chamber. Ambassadors serve as the public relations by developing a two-way communication between themselves and the membership. They assist in the critical role of membership retention by calling on members to update them on current activities and special events as well as asking how the Chamber can better serve them. Chamber Ambassadors are our boots to the ground! 

    Education & Workforce Development Committee 

    The Education & Workforce Development Committee is active in all levels of educational attainment from Pre-K to College. The committee works closely with the Hartselle City Schools officials and the business community to promote meaningful quality education and workforce opportunities for our students. This committee also spearheads programs in career and tech education so that our incoming workforce's skills are aligned with our current employers' needs.

    Downtown Hartselle Committee

    Downtown is the 'heart' of Hartselle and it is important that the downtown merchants all work together to make their carious businesses successful. The Downtown Hartselle Committee has been established so that the merchants of downtown, the city of Hartselle and the Chamber can come together, collaborate, and identify ways to make downtown Hartselle more attractive, evaluate our existing events,, and establish new ones to increase foot traffic and sales.