• News Release: 10/2/2020

    Introducing… Tabatha Nowak, Admin Associate Membership and Marketing

    Start date: September 28, 2020

    I have spent the better part of the last twenty years in advertising media sales.  I have worked with local and regional business owners and media buyers to build successful campaigns with radio, TV, print, and digital components.  I served on the Executive Board for the American Advertising Federation of North Alabama for three years as Treasurer and Membership Chair.  I also spent five years in the classroom as a teacher in Texas, Arizona, and Virginia.  I love problem-solving through challenges and embrace change because I can see past the negative aspects of each and look forward to possibilities for both personal and professional growth.

    As a resident of Hartselle for over ten years, I see the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce’s mission as powerful because I want to see our community continue to grow towards the future.  Through building a healthy economy by supporting local businesses and industries, we will further improve the quality of life for ourselves, our children, and our extended families.  In doing so, we will continue to make the Hartselle area a better place to live, work, and play.  In my new role, outside of my daily essential tasks, I am most interested in nurturing our current member connections as well as connecting with new members through program coordination, public relations, media support, and events.  Personally, I am beyond excited to help our community grow and create opportunities for the next generation of residents, entrepreneurs, and professionals who will represent the future of the Hartselle area.  To put it simply, my daughter will enter the workforce within the next ten years, and I want to be a part of what defines that workforce for her.  I aspire to represent our organization with integrity and pride as a pivotal collaborator and comprehensive project manager. 

    To me, success is not defined as an ultimate win.  It is a system of both wins and losses that eventually lead to achieving the intended goal.  Most of the time, success is a long-haul destination, and I am motivated by overcoming the small detours along the way.  I am extremely grateful to be entering a position to help drive the future of our Chamber and community.