• 2021 Ambassadors

  • In Loving Memory

    Rhonda Swann

    In loving memory of Rhonda Swann, 2021 HACC Ambassador.  Rhonda was an amazing woman with an infectious spirit, kind demeanor, and servant's heart.  We want to recognize her as one of our most dedicated ambassadors.  She cared for others as a Home Health Account Executive and Hospice Provider Liaison.  Here are her words:  "One of the hardest parts of my job is seeing patients and families go through the hard times of caring for a loved one without help.  There is a misconception of home care and hospice services.  Many families qualify for home care or hospice services, which would substantially help these families during their hardest times."  She shared stories with us of some of those trying times.  She was always available to help a family in need and to help connect those families to resources available to them.  Rhonda wholly encompassed the meaning behind "love your neighbors" and we were honored to work with her in our organization.  Rest in peace Rhonda and shine your bright light down upon us.

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  • Beth-Foote-w218.jpg
  • Beth Foote

    Hartselle Family Dentistry

  • Donna-Watson-w218.jpg
  • Donna Watson

    Hartselle First Assembly of God

  • Autumn-Terzopoulos-w218.jpg
  • Autumn Terzopoulos

    Wings of Alexcía

  • Bethany-Vinson-w218.jpg
  • Bethany Vinson

    Ameritek Document Solutions

  • Laura-Adamsky-w218.jpg
  • Laura Adamsky

    Burningtree Country Club

  • Rhonda-Swann-w218.jpg
  • Rhonda Swann

    Cullman Regional Home Care & Hospice

  • Anna-Baker-w218.jpg
  • Anna Baker

    Hartselle Enquirer


  • Bettye-English-w872.jpg
  • Bettye English

    Hartselle Historical Society/Ambassador Emeriti

  • Jade-Chowning-w218.jpg
  • Jade Chowning

    MeritHouse Realty

  • Jimmy-Watson-w218.jpg
  • Jimmy Watson

    Hartselle First Assembly of God

  • Laura-Watson-w218.jpg
  • Laura Watson

    Hartselle Utilities

  • Micah-Rigoni-w218.jpg
  • Micah Rigoni

    Country Financial

  • Dan-Odle-personal-w218.jpg
  • Dan Odle

    The Piedmont Group

  • Emily-Smith-w218.jpg
  • Emily Smith

    Hannah’s Lawn and Landscape Service

  • Malinda-Hall-w218.jpg
  • Malinda Hall

    Peoples Bank of Alabama


  • Sandy-Johnson(1)-w218.jpg
  • Sandy Johnson

    Ambassador Emeriti

  • Debra-Watson-w218.jpg
  • Debra Watson

    Daystar Church

  • Kelly-McIntyre-w218.jpg
  • Kelly McIntyre

    Columbia Cottage

  • Kimberly-Lewis-w218.jpg
  • Kimberly Lewis

    Angel Keepers

  • Erin-Elledge-Burleson-w218.jpg
  • Erin Elledge Burleson

    Hartselle Farmer’s Market

  • Devan-Rigoni-w218.jpg
  • Devan Rigoni


  • Dena-Nagel-w218.jpg
  • Dena Nagel

    Journeys by Design Travel and Tours

  • Nancy-Busby-Solberg-w218.jpg
  • Nancy Busby Solberg

    209 RR St SW Yardsale/Ambassador Emeriti

  • Kimberly-Lewis-w218.jpg
  • Larry Murphree

    Ambassador Emeriti

  • 2021 Ambassador Leadership Team:

  • Jennifer-Williams-w218.jpg
  • Jennifer Williams


    Ambassador Chair

  • Nikki-Tallent(2)-w218.jpg
  • Nikki Tallent

    Habitat for Humanity

    Chair Elect/Secretary

  • Andrea-Hatfield-w218.jpg
  • Andrea Hatfield

    New Build Cleaning Services

    Hospitality Chair

  • Jenny-Denton-w218.jpg
  • Jenny Denton

    Habitat for Humanity

    Member Care Chair

  • Jamie-Bates-w218.jpg
  • Jamie Bates

    Jamie Bates & Associates/Allstate

    Member Care Co-Chair

  • Gage-Crowder-w218.jpg
  • Gage Crowder

    Mutual of Omaha Mortgage

    Member Care Co-Chair

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