• 2022 HACC Ambassador Application

    The Ambassador Program is very popular and consists of volunteers selected from within the Chamber membership. Ambassadors serve a term of one calendar year, beginning in January of each year. Ambassadors can continue to serve after the one-year term if agreed upon by the Ambassador, his/her employer, and the Chamber.
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    Ambassador Fees
    New Ambassadors are assessed an annual fee of $150 to help cover the cost of approved apparel required for HACC functions and other expenses. Billing for these fees will be completed by the Chamber office in January and billed to your business sponsor. Returning Ambassadors are assessed an annual fee of $50 and can replace apparel as needed each year.
    If you are a returning Ambassador, please check which items we need to purchase for your 2022 Ambassadorship:
    HACC will bill your business sponsor for items selected with your annual fee of $50 in January.
    Thank you for your application!
    For questions or more information, please contact the HACC office at 256-773-4370.