• Vets Like Us C/O Heather Collins



    About Us

    Vets Like Us is a Nonprofit Corporation that is dedicated to ensuring that Veterans within our Community are receiving the benefits, services and support they deserve and have heroically earned.

    Through interaction with Veterans, to better understand their needs and concerns, we are able to address each individual need and or concern by raising funds, organizing special events and networking to find ways to best serve them.

    With help from the VA we are also able to help provide Mental Health Services, Homeless Veteran Support, Benefits Counseling and Employment Assistance as well as Suicide prevention Programs. Now more than ever our young children are begging to be heard and need our total attention. Lets see what we can do to help them. We have never had this high a rate of grade school age suicides. Don't give them things, give them love and your total attention

    All the funds we receive go to help and support our local Veterans and it is our desire to make a difference in our Community by providing a service to Veterans and their Families and to show our sincere gratitude for their Service.

    If you ever signed on the dotted line either Military, Police, Fireman or First responders you are a member of Vets Like Us and you and your Families hold a special place in our hearts

    We are also bringing a Woody Williams Gold Star Families Memorial Monument to Morgan County Al. and it will be placed in Decatur at the Historic Founders Park as the Anchor for the NE corner It belongs to all Gold Star Families. Embrace it with Love. More info coming soon

    Rep/Contact Info

    Heather Collins
    Director of Programs